Trapani is a special place to spend your Spring holidays in Western Sicily

Trapani, in Western Sicily, is the best place to spend your spring holidays!

Trapani has a great climate, friendly people, delicious food and superb wine, beautiful beaches, enchanting landscapes and a mix of cultural attractions. Everybody can find his/her inner-self in this historical land, where different population have been enchanted on the road to conquer their victories.

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This city is full of special places and traditional occurrences, expecially in spring and Easter, when the Mysteries procession is carried out together with other events:



The Procession of the Mysteries of Trapani is one of the oldest (dated before 1612)  running “good friday” festivals in Europe. It is runned by  20 floats or stations, each built & carried by the various guilds of Trapani. The floats are accompanied by traditional music, city bands and is carried on shoulders for 24 hours.


eeeIn the enchanting landscape of Erice, an old medieval village, on Good Friday takes place “the Way of the Cross”. It proposes the scenes of the Christ’s Passion and Death through statues of the XVIII century; they are carried on shoulders.



cover_085The beautiful beaches are walking distance from the city center. They extend for 100 km and are the perfect playground for kids of all ages! The temperatures are warm from March and you can’t miss the chance to get into the mediterranean sea.

Trapani is also the perfect starting point for excursions and outside sports.

Kite surfing

kitesurf-fuerteventura1Kite surfing is a way of life, a way to live the sea and the wind with a kite and a board! At just 15 Km from Trapani, in the Motia area, the sea is always calm, windy and you can walk into the sea for km untill the small islands. This paradise is the best European spot to practice kite-surf for the whole year.


eggThe Egadi Islands (Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo) are just off the coast of Trapani and are an excellent day trip, with crossings taking just 20 minutes (to Favignana and Levanzo).



seddYou can reach Selinunte’s acropolis and eight Greek temples (V-VI cent. BC) in 30 mints from Trapani. You can enjoy one of Sicily’s most important historical sites, together with Segesta temple and theater  (15 mints) and Mozia (15 mints).

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Egadistar, im Zentrum von Trapani




Egadistar, im Zentrum von Trapani

Egadistar Services
Egadistar, im Zentrum von Trapani, ein idealer Ort, um die Stadt in jeder ihrer Facetten zu erleben, und um Ausflüge zu unterschiedlichen Touristenzielen zu unternehmen, einschließlich der Ägädischen Inseln und Castellamare del Golfo Continua a leggere

How to Get Jetlag-free Travel

How to Get Jetlag-free Travel
jeePeople who travel a lot experience jetlag. Athletes, who travel to different countries for their tournaments, attribute their poor performance on jetlag. Business people, who go to various places for business meetings and other matters, hold jetlag as responsible for their bad days. This goes to show that jetlag affects not only the physical condition of the body but the entire individual. Continua a leggere

Natale in Sicilia

notteaCome sempre, quando il Natale si avvicina, la sua magia non si fa attendere.Il Natale in Sicilia non è una festa ma un’atmosfera; racconta emozioni di altri tempi. Continua a leggere

Egadistar, im Zentrum von Trapani, ein idealer Ort

Egadistar, im Zentrum von Trapani,

cover_079Egadistar, im Zentrum von Trapani, ein idealer Ort, um die Stadt in jeder ihrer Facetten zu erleben, und um Ausflüge zu unterschiedlichen Touristenzielen zu unternehmen, einschließlich der Ägädischen Inseln und Castellamare del Golfo Continua a leggere

Keeping Lives Safe on the Road

Keeping Lives Safe on the Road

Accidents do happen unexpectedly, but they can be avoided.

However, despite the fact that a lot of people are trying their best to avoid it, still, many are in danger in the road while traveling. They will never know when an accident will take place. In fact, it seems that the number of people who gets into accidents while traveling is continuously growing. Continua a leggere




Analisi del mercato francese dei prodotti surgelati pronti

Per avere visione del progetto richiederlo a Salvatore Bulgarella

Plats Cusinès : Quelles possibilités de manger des pâtes en Surgelés ?

Les PLATS CUISINéS restent la valeur sûre du surgelé. Ce segment continue de
progresser, de + 2,2% en valeur et de + 2,4% en volume (Source Panels
Secodip). Il est difficile de repérer une offre clairement identifiable de
pâtes surgelées en linéaires. Pourtant, plus globalement, au niveau de la
restauration, cette offre existe. Diverse, composée de tagliatelles, de pâtes
farcis, de pâtes enrobées…, elle séduit l’utilisateur professionnel par sa
praticité. En GMS, les choses se passent différemment avec une concurrence
frontale du rayon frais. Point sur l’offre de pâtes surgelées.

Le marché des PLATS CUISINéS en progression
Globalement, le marché des PLATS CUISINéS est dynamique. Son chiffre
d’affaires global peut être estimé à près de 8,6 milliards de francs, en
progression de + 3,5 % (Source Iri/Secodip). Ce marché se décompose en trois
grandes familles de produits : les PLATS appertisés, les PLATS frais et les
PLATS surgelés. PLATS appertisés et PLATS surgelés représentent tous deux 40 %
du CA total mais ont connu des évolutions contrastées, avec une progression de
+ 3 % pour les surgelés et un léger recul de – 1 % pour les appertisés. De
leur côté, les PLATS frais – représentant aujourd’hui 20 % du CA- ont
progressé de + 14 % en valeur.

“Pacenzia ci voli a li burraschi” Proverbi Siciliani


Pacenzia ci voli a li burraschi ca meli nun si mancia senza nuschi
You need patience to deal with life, nobody has honey without flies.

. Si stanchi carrijannu zucchi fraschi
e cu lu suli li spaddi t’abbruschi,
e mentri tu travagghi, provi baschi,
pirchissu doppu dinaru tu vuschi
Pi aviri oru e dargentu ‘ntralitaschi,
nu ti curari di lampi surruschi
Pacenzia caru amicu, a li burraschi,
ca meli un si nni mancia senza muschi!

If you are tired because you’re hard working,
and because of the sun your skin is burning;
if hard work causes you puffing,
it’s because money you are earning.
To hear gold in your pockets giggling,
don’t be afraid of thunder and lightning:
You need patience to deal with life,
nobody will have honey without flies.