Egadistar, im Zentrum von Trapani




Egadistar, im Zentrum von Trapani

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Egadistar, im Zentrum von Trapani, ein idealer Ort, um die Stadt in jeder ihrer Facetten zu erleben, und um Ausflüge zu unterschiedlichen Touristenzielen zu unternehmen, einschließlich der Ägädischen Inseln und Castellamare del Golfo Continua a leggere


How to Get Jetlag-free Travel

How to Get Jetlag-free Travel
jeePeople who travel a lot experience jetlag. Athletes, who travel to different countries for their tournaments, attribute their poor performance on jetlag. Business people, who go to various places for business meetings and other matters, hold jetlag as responsible for their bad days. This goes to show that jetlag affects not only the physical condition of the body but the entire individual. Continua a leggere

Checking accessories that you need in traveling

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Checking accessories that you need in traveling

So, finally you have found the time for your deserving break. You have already planned what to do on the big trip. Everything seems to be prepared. But what happens when you forget your favorite digicam and you only discovered it when you’re already nearing the point of your destination? Continua a leggere


Natale in Sicilia

notteaCome sempre, quando il Natale si avvicina, la sua magia non si fa attendere.Il Natale in Sicilia non è una festa ma un’atmosfera; racconta emozioni di altri tempi. Continua a leggere