L’armonia; e la regolarità rappresentano delle categorie semplici di maniera
L’rregolarità invece sottolinea l’inquetudine latente, una verità diversa
ma non per questo arbitraria.
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Enjoy SpringTime in Trapani Western Sicily

Magic Western Sicily Nature holidays. March in Sicily is really full time spring season. Should be a perfect season – spring in full swing and everything in bloom, while the weather is already warm but not as uncomfortably hot as in summer. Enjoy outdoor venues with long hours of daylight in Spring Time, fully rash of greenery and flowers, blooming meadows, trees and overlay the buds and young leaves.

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Easter Is Coming

Christians have celebrated Easter for over 1500 years with many non-Christians marking the occasion in their own ways too. Coinciding with school holidays, Easter is a great time to take a family holiday in your own backyard as temperatures start to ease.
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Vocabolario Etico: NEUTRALIZZARE

Vocabolario Etico :Neutralizzare

Rendere neutrale, secondo le norme del diritto internazionale: neutralizzare uno stato, neutralizzare   una fascia territoriale (v. neutralizzazione).Rendere neutro, nei significati scientifici di questa parola; in particolare in chimica.
1) terrorista neutralizzato a bordo del camion

2) Mafiosi di rango, capaci di neutralizzare chiunque usando agevolmente armi automatiche da guerra come neanche i miliziani. Continua a leggere

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

so“what happens but once, might as well not have happened at all””

Salvatore Bulgarella


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Ovu d`un`ura, pani d`un jornu e vinu d`un annu `un ficiru mai dannu.

Picciurro__BATTAGLIA-DI-RINALDO-SOTTO-LE-MURA_gOvu d`un`ura, pani d`un jornu e vinu d`un annu `un ficiru mai dannu.

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Dai Normanni agli Svevi (Parte 2)

Parte 2

Dai Normanni agli Svevi

I Normanni fanno la loro comparsa in Sicilia All’inizio del XI secolo, dopo alterne vicende i Normanni  riconquistano la Sicilia con i fratelli di Guglielmo d’Altavilla, Ruggero I e Roberto il Guiscardo  (l’Astuto), che nel 1060 si rimpossessarono di Messina, Continua a leggere

Una Leggenda Marinara: La Fanciulla & Il Marinaio / A Marine’s Legend: The Young Girl & The Marine


La Fanciulla & Il Marinaio

Sicilia è il mare, Sicilia è la natura, Sicilia è la terra di tante tradizioni…e naturalmente di tanti aneddoti, racconti…

Ecco uno di questi:

La costa est della penisola della Maddalena, così chiamata per l’esistenza un tempo su di essa di una chiesetta dedicata appunto a Maria Maddalena, è anche nota dai Siracusani come ‘a Piddirina, la Pellegrina. Continua a leggere

Trapani is a special place to spend your Spring holidays in Western Sicily

Trapani, in Western Sicily, is the best place to spend your spring holidays!

Trapani has a great climate, friendly people, delicious food and superb wine, beautiful beaches, enchanting landscapes and a mix of cultural attractions. Everybody can find his/her inner-self in this historical land, where different population have been enchanted on the road to conquer their victories.

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This city is full of special places and traditional occurrences, expecially in spring and Easter, when the Mysteries procession is carried out together with other events:



The Procession of the Mysteries of Trapani is one of the oldest (dated before 1612)  running “good friday” festivals in Europe. It is runned by  20 floats or stations, each built & carried by the various guilds of Trapani. The floats are accompanied by traditional music, city bands and is carried on shoulders for 24 hours.


eeeIn the enchanting landscape of Erice, an old medieval village, on Good Friday takes place “the Way of the Cross”. It proposes the scenes of the Christ’s Passion and Death through statues of the XVIII century; they are carried on shoulders.



cover_085The beautiful beaches are walking distance from the city center. They extend for 100 km and are the perfect playground for kids of all ages! The temperatures are warm from March and you can’t miss the chance to get into the mediterranean sea.

Trapani is also the perfect starting point for excursions and outside sports.

Kite surfing

kitesurf-fuerteventura1Kite surfing is a way of life, a way to live the sea and the wind with a kite and a board! At just 15 Km from Trapani, in the Motia area, the sea is always calm, windy and you can walk into the sea for km untill the small islands. This paradise is the best European spot to practice kite-surf for the whole year.


eggThe Egadi Islands (Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo) are just off the coast of Trapani and are an excellent day trip, with crossings taking just 20 minutes (to Favignana and Levanzo).



seddYou can reach Selinunte’s acropolis and eight Greek temples (V-VI cent. BC) in 30 mints from Trapani. You can enjoy one of Sicily’s most important historical sites, together with Segesta temple and theater  (15 mints) and Mozia (15 mints).

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Spenni picca e arricchirai, parla picca e… Proverbi

prove_16_resize_resize “Bimminuti”, ai Proverbi Siciliani,

Cliccate sull’immagine per leggere il proverbio e la traduzione  integrale.
I proverbi Siciliani costituiscono l’anima essenziale  di un Popolo; Quelli che vi proponiamo, con questa raccolta, rappresentano l’espressione più efficace per descrivere e percepire una sapienza millenaria e la filosofia di vita di questo grande popolo.

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