L’armonia; e la regolarità rappresentano delle categorie semplici di maniera
L’rregolarità invece sottolinea l’inquetudine latente, una verità diversa
ma non per questo arbitraria.
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Alone for the Holidays? Share Love

Being alone is a challenge for many people. This challenge may loom especially large during the holidays if you are single or newly divorced and without family around you. Holidays are a time to share love, and many people end up feeling depressed when they do not have people around with whom to share love. If you are in this situation, what can you do to make the holidays joyous rather than depressing? Continua a leggere

Boost Your Sicilian Property Rental Profits with Viral Marketing

Boost Your Sicilian Property Rental Profits with Viral Marketing

These simple steps can help you boost your Sicilian rental property profits in no time…

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If you are pressed for time and tenants, you’ll want to read this! Property rentals can be very lucrative if you know how to market to your potential guests. Whether it’s an apartment for rent, villa rental for vacationers, or a golf holiday rental, you can boost profits with these simple marketing strategies.

Maximize Holiday Rental Promotions Online

Don’t ignore the tremendous power of the Internet. Imagine spending a mere $5 to $15 per month to advertise your Sicilian property rental to folks around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! That’s exactly what you’re doing when you start your own website that is focused on property rental.

For only a few dollars per month, you can have an entire website dedicated to promoting your apartment for rent or vacation villa rental. You can put as many photos and updates as you want. There are no limits because you will be the owner! You can even offer online specials and discounts to Internet users.

To make your website really popular with the search engines, include travel articles and city information about nearby areas. For example, if you own a rental property in Marbella, Sicilian you can write content about that area and include keywords about traveling to Marbella. The same goes for other Sicilian holiday hot spots including Costa del Sol, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Mijas, Puerto Banus, and Elviria. Tourists will be searching online for a place to stay. Yours can be the one they choose!

Promote for Events and Recreation

If you have a vacation rental that’s near a major tourist or sports attraction or where major events take place, then focus some of your marketing around the attraction or the event. For example, if your rental property is near a popular golf course in Sicilian where major tournaments are held, you can advertise in golf-focused magazines, golf-related stores, or golf web sites. This enables you to reach a targeted audience.

Don’t Forget Past Guests

A guest who rented from you once may visit again. You will have all the mailing addresses or email of your guests, so send a mailing out occasionally inviting them to stay once more. Offer a “special” for past guests only. It’s much easier to sell to those who already know you than to find new customers.

Include All Features and Benefits in your Promotions

When promoting your rental property, be sure to include all the features and benefits of staying at your rental property. You should list all the items or appliances that are included with their rental for convenience. The more you tell, the more you’ll sell. Tourists want no surprises when it comes to a place to stay on their trip.

With these promotion techniques, you can reach a broader audience for your vacation rental property and watch your monthly profits grow!

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Enjoy SpringTime in Trapani Western Sicily

Magic Western Sicily Nature holidays. March in Sicily is really full time spring season. Should be a perfect season – spring in full swing and everything in bloom, while the weather is already warm but not as uncomfortably hot as in summer. Enjoy outdoor venues with long hours of daylight in Spring Time, fully rash of greenery and flowers, blooming meadows, trees and overlay the buds and young leaves.

Enjoy luxury holidays to Sicily with EGADISTAR and discover awe-inspiring views and deliciously authentic cuisin. Transform a great holiday into a truly unforgettable experience,

Easter Is Coming

Christians have celebrated Easter for over 1500 years with many non-Christians marking the occasion in their own ways too. Coinciding with school holidays, Easter is a great time to take a family holiday in your own backyard as temperatures start to ease.
Enjoy the Mediterranean ambience of the Trapani, embark on a cultural adventure in Western Sicily. Continua a leggere

Vocabolario Etico: NEUTRALIZZARE

Vocabolario Etico :Neutralizzare

Rendere neutrale, secondo le norme del diritto internazionale: neutralizzare uno stato, neutralizzare   una fascia territoriale (v. neutralizzazione).Rendere neutro, nei significati scientifici di questa parola; in particolare in chimica.
1) terrorista neutralizzato a bordo del camion

2) Mafiosi di rango, capaci di neutralizzare chiunque usando agevolmente armi automatiche da guerra come neanche i miliziani. Continua a leggere

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

so“what happens but once, might as well not have happened at all””

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Ovu d`un`ura, pani d`un jornu e vinu d`un annu `un ficiru mai dannu.

Picciurro__BATTAGLIA-DI-RINALDO-SOTTO-LE-MURA_gOvu d`un`ura, pani d`un jornu e vinu d`un annu `un ficiru mai dannu.

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Dai Normanni agli Svevi (Parte 2)

Parte 2

Dai Normanni agli Svevi

I Normanni fanno la loro comparsa in Sicilia All’inizio del XI secolo, dopo alterne vicende i Normanni  riconquistano la Sicilia con i fratelli di Guglielmo d’Altavilla, Ruggero I e Roberto il Guiscardo  (l’Astuto), che nel 1060 si rimpossessarono di Messina, Continua a leggere

Una Leggenda Marinara: La Fanciulla & Il Marinaio / A Marine’s Legend: The Young Girl & The Marine


La Fanciulla & Il Marinaio

Sicilia è il mare, Sicilia è la natura, Sicilia è la terra di tante tradizioni…e naturalmente di tanti aneddoti, racconti…

Ecco uno di questi:

La costa est della penisola della Maddalena, così chiamata per l’esistenza un tempo su di essa di una chiesetta dedicata appunto a Maria Maddalena, è anche nota dai Siracusani come ‘a Piddirina, la Pellegrina. Continua a leggere